You Are Not Alone

Specialized Mental Health Therapy for Cancer Patients

Attune™ is your personal guide to building effective and lasting coping skills for anxiety and depression.

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Teaches coping skills for

  • Anxiety


  • Depression


  • Fear


  • Stress


A Companion for Your Cancer Journey

In partnership with leading cancer experts and patients like you, we built attune on the foundation of patient experience and the science-backed principles of cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM).

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  • Care When You Need It

    Care When You Need It

    You deserve care that addresses both your mental and physical health, even if you cannot get a referral to another specialist. With attune, you’ll receive full access to lessons and exercises on your smart devices to use anytime, anywhere.

  • Pave Your Wellness Path

    Pave Your Wellness Path

    Attune empowers you to pursue your treatment path according to your unique needs and goals. Build valuable skills like modifying self talk, self-advocacy, and anger management through 10 interactive lesson modules.

  • Discover Community

    Discover Community

    Share your experiences with other cancer patients in attune. Through this community, you’ll gain inspiration to overcome different challenges and learn coping strategies you can apply beyond the program.

The Science Behind attune™

Attune is personalized support rooted in research.

Every exercise is based on the proven methods of cognitive behavioral stress management (CBSM). This approach has been effective in improving the emotional well-being of cancer patients and providing actionable ways to combat psychological distress.

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  • Build Lifetime Coping Tools

    Build Lifetime Coping Tools

  • Reframe Negative Thoughts

    Reframe Negative Thoughts

  • Maintain Healthy Relationships

    Maintain Healthy Relationships

I’m a six-year breast cancer survivor, but the anxiety and distress that accompanies my diagnosis still lingers. The attune app provides reliable and easily accessible support. Attune guides me with relaxation exercises, and helps me improve sleep and identify distorted thinking so I can love the life that I still own.

Betty S.
Attune is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, or cure a medical condition.