How attune™ Works

In partnership with trusted experts and cancer patients, attune was created with a patient-first approach. Each module provides actionable strategies that support building healthy coping habits as you navigate life with cancer.

Your health is more than physical and your life is more than your illness. You are not your cancer. Attune is your guide and companion, helping you manage emotions, rejuvenate relationships and rekindle your well-being.

  • Learn Effective Coping Skills

    Learn Effective Coping Skills

    Symptoms of anxiety and depression can cause patients to miss critical treatments and appointments. Attune equips you with skills to promote better mental and physical health, survivorship, and long-term recovery.

  • Find Support, Solace and Community

    Find Support, Solace and Community

    Get support from others who have been in your path. Hear from real patients and apply strategies specific to easing the emotional burden of cancer.

  • Care That Fits in Your Pocket

    Care That Fits in Your Pocket

    The attune treatment app is tailored to your needs and accessible on your smart device. Work at your own pace and repeat steps as needed, no matter where you are.

What Sets attune™ Apart

Rooted in research and cancer patient partnership, attune validates the spectrum of emotions you’re feeling and offers tools to tackle the road ahead.

Adding meditation and relaxation techniques to my nightly routine really helped me fall asleep faster, and lower my anxiety. I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night as often, which really made a difference.

Daniel G.

Renew Your Strength, One Step at a Time

Attune will guide you through 10 treatment sessions, each one building on the one before it. Though you’re encouraged to take the program at your own pace, it’s recommended to set aside at least 40 minutes per day to nurture your skills and turn them into habits.

Throughout your attune journey, you’ll have the ability to track your mood, monitor your thoughts, and practice valuable wellness techniques.

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Shifting negative self talk

    Shifting negative self talk

  • Coping strategies for stress

    Coping strategies for stress

  •  Relexation techniques

    Relexation techniques

  • Guided meditation

    Guided meditation

  • Improved sleep habits

    Improved sleep habits

Attune is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent, or cure a medical condition.