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Attune™ uses clinically-validated methods that combine science with digital innovation.

We are committed to easing the emotional challenges associated with cancer and improving patient outcomes.

Serving Patients Through Treatment and Beyond

When cancer patients receive the emotional support they need and seek, the result is significantly improved survivorship outcomes and long-term well-being. Attune is here to make that care easy and accessible.

Attune bridges the gap between cancer and mental health support. Many patients continue to use the skills they learn from attune throughout their cancer experience, even after treatment is complete. When you have the guidance and encouragement to prioritize your mental health needs, you gain lifelong tools for mental resilience and healthy well-being.

We have an ethical and moral duty to help cancer patients. As a digital company, we have the opportunity to serve lots of patients who cannot otherwise be served.

Michael M., Head of Access & Reimbursement

Patients are at the Center of Everything We Do

Patients like you are the very pulse of attune. Mental health care for cancer patients is expanding not only because of researchers and doctors, but patients, too. After all, who knows the path forward better than those who are forging it?

Where Therapy Meets Technology

Attune™ was created as an app to make mental health care accessible to patients like you. We understand the promise of technology in reaching those who cannot be served or have difficulty finding the right care. Attune provides an uplifting and effective treatment experience wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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Attune is a digital health therapeutic device that provides Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management (CBSM) to treat anxiety and depressive symptoms in adult cancer patients. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that digital therapeutic devices such as attune can be distributed and used prior to FDA review to improve the mental health and well-being of patients. Attune provides adjunctive (supporting) therapy and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to treat psychiatric conditions related to the experience of cancer; attune is not standalone therapy. Contact your healthcare provider in case of a medical or psychiatric emergency. Attune is being evaluated in clinical trials and is being reviewed by FDA.